Stunt Resume

Steve Kim 310.962.7059
Height: 6′ Weight: 180 lbs Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown Shirt: 35 Jacket: 42R
Neck: 17 Waist: 34 Inseam: 32
Shoe: 10 Hat: 7 3/4 Ethnicity: Asian
Film / Television Stunt Coordinator
American Horror Story Stunt Dbl: Ian Anthony Dale Jim Henry
Cyber Korean Thug / Fights Doug Coleman
Sam & Cat Thug #1 / Fights Vince Deadrick Jr.
Extraction ND Stunt James Lew / Lin Oeding
Reckless ND Stunt / Military Soldier Gary Powell
Revenge Stunt Dbl / Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Mike Gaines
Reunion Stunt Safety / fights Steve Kim
Oldboy Brute #1 / Stunt Actor Mark Norby / J J Perry
Project Sera Carbine / Kill Team Lin Oeding / Anthony Nanakornpanom
Arrested Development Stunt Marauder Kanin Howell
Olympus Has Fallen Stunt Dbl / Rick Yune – Korean Commando Keith Woulard / Lin Oeding
Aim High Sukarno / Fights, Squibs Mike Smith
Rise of the Zombies Stunt Zombie Jerry Buxbaum
Hero of the Day ND Stunt / Fighter Tony Donno
Americas Superwoman Next Diva Karate Master Terry James
G.I.JOE II ND Stunt / Ninja Steve Ritzi / Keith Campbell
Death Valley Knife head Zombie / Stunt Philip Tan
Chuck (multiple episodes) ND Stunts Merritt Yohnka
Make it or Break it Chinese Coach / ND Stunt Greg Barnett
Sons of Anarchy Stunt Thug #2 / Fights Steve Davison
Dark Blue ND Stunt / Drive by shooting Craig Baxley Jr.
Castle Stunt Grappling Tech. Adv. Dannis Madalone
True Jackson (multiple episodes) ND Stunts / Fights Vince Deadrick Jr.
Victorious Thug #2 / ND Stunt Vince Deadrick Jr.
Red Dawn ND Stunt / Tank Gunner Darrin Prescott / Chris O’Hara
CSI Miami Precision Driver / Squibs / Gunfight Jim Vickers
Everybody Hates Chris Stunt “Show Dog” Wally Crowder / Derrick Graff
How to be a serial killer “Neighbor Jake” / ND Stunt Shawn Crowder
Wasting away “Chinky” / Weapons Tony Snegoff
Watch over me Security guard / ND Stunt Ben Scott / Tony Boggs
NCIS Stunt Bodyguard / Fight Diamond Farnsworth
Numbers Asian Guy #1 / ND Stunt Jim Vickers / Mike Gaines
Art of War III U.N. Guard / ND Stunt Kurt Bryant / Garrett Warren
The Dead Undead Zombie / Explosion / Fights Luke Lafontaine
Fast and Furious III ND Stunt Malosi Leonard
The Thirst – Blood War Vampire #3 / ND Stunt Cole McKay / Ian Quinn
Unfabulous Shopper / ND Stunt Vince Deadrick Jr.
Virginia Gang Banger, Acting / Fights Mark Schafer / Kim Koski
Unknown Street Thug / Fights Steve Kim
18 Fingers of Death Henchman / Fights James Lew
Dark Agent Operator, Dialogue / ND Stunt Paul E. Short / Simon Rhee
Alias N. Korean Soldier / Squibs Greg Smrz
Collateral Club patron / ND Stunts Joel Kramer
Threat Matrix N. Korean Kidnapper, Squibs, Knife Stab Wally Crowder
Crossing Jordan Hideki Getsu / Tackle Fall Mary Albee
She Spies (multiple episodes) Ninja #4 / Fights / ND Stunts Jim Vickers
Commercials / DVD
Truth Ninja Sprite Ninja / Martial Arts & Acting
Supremacy MMA (video game) Feature Fighter
Typhoon Theater Gimble work / Double Steve Kim
ComCast Stunt Assistant Kortney Manns
Big Block Thursday Ladder fall / Car hood hit Steve Kim
Tapping Out Instructor / Demonstrations Santos Flaniken
Jadakiss Stunt Driver / Racing Eric Hicks
Bud light Karate Hero / Breaking board Pat Romano
SoftBank Cab Driver / Precision Driving Ray Lykins
Bud light Bad Guy / Wire work / 14 story building jump. Hubie Kerns
Hartford Insurance “North Korean Pilot” / UFC style Fights Eddie Conna
Charger Fighter #2 / Fights Carl Ciarfalio
Homeland Defense Thug / Fall guy Gene LeBell
Special Skills
Fights / Reactions Firearms / Squib hits Ratchet
Air ram Body Burns Window crashes
Wire work Car hits Ground Pounder
Mini Trampoline Stair falls Prosthetic / Suit work
Great Heavy Precision Driving Roller Blades
Unarmed Combat Boxing / Wrestling Karate Black Belt
Judo / Sambo Ju Jitsu 4th Black Belt Mixed Martial Arts
Tattoo / Airbrush Artist Grappling Instructor All Around Athlete
Fully Bilingual: English / Korean Professional & Reliable